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    Deliver all your mails to the inbox

    CartEmSoft is an Batch Email Sending Utility, which delivers Continuous Batch Email landing to the inbox
    What is CartEmSoft ?

    An issue of paramount importance to any email marketing campaign is the delivery rate of one's sent messages, which means the percentage of emails that actually arrive at their destination.

    Optimizing this parameter is one of the fundamental tasks of every good marketer. It's something that should't be taken for granted. According to a recent study a staggering 23.5% of all sent messages never get delivered.

    CartEmSoft is an Batch Email Sending Utility, which delivers Continuous Batch Emails in a manner which all mail exchange server recognises and easily permits to deliver,which means that all your Emails, whether Promotional, Marketing Related, Product Launching, Newsletter, landsup to the inbox and not to the spam folder, which in turn boost all your Email Marketing strategies and campaigns.

    CartEmSoft Email Marketing :Effective way to

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Generate New Business
  • Strengthen Client Relationships
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Features of CartEmSoft
    Send mails to unlimited email accounts over a period of time. No per Email Account or Per Campaign Limitations.
    Easy Contacts list management & One Click Unsubscribe
    Send almost any type of Emails : Text, HTML, Attachment based, URL , PDF , product based like amazon or ebay mailers.
    All Campaings (whether, blogs, newsletter, image, product based, greetings ) are database oriented, saving time.
    Cartemsoft is equipped with Multi Admin for better control.
    Robust Reporting Tool
    Anti Spam, confirming with CAN Spam and RFC Compliance.
    Most Cost Effective & Economical
    Deployed on your own Domain with dedicated Ipv4 Ip address, which means better reputation and better control.
    Software integrated on Dell Power Edge R610/710/720xd powered hosting ensuring stability and credibility.
    Fundamental Features of CartemSoft
    Unique Dedicated IP

    A good starting point is to get a unique IP address. If you use an IP shared amongst other users to send your newsletters - as is often the case among "normal" connections - there is always the risk that one of them is tied up with spamming.

    Resulting in the Protocol's reputation being adversely affected, and thus compromising your deliverability...

    Thus Cartemsoft dedicates Unique Ip's for each account.
      Authentication Enabled

    Authentication is the process that automatically enables one to determine who really sent the email. Even though it's easy to verify an IP address, spammers can always trick by creating a phony address . Thus Enabling the authentication of your emails, instead, helps to reassure recipients of your identity, greatly reducing the risk of falling fowl to spam filters.

    Cartemsoft Therefore uses several ways to get authentication: the main ones are Domain Keys, DKIM, SenderID and SPF.
    Stable VPS server with stable SMTP

    A SMTP server, does the same job as the postman who's responsible for getting your emails delivered. When one "normally" connects to the Internet, the SMTPs used to send the emails often change, and aren't totally reliable i.e. sometimes they use IPs that have dubious reputations. As a result the main providers' filters - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail etc. - easily block them, reducing your newsletter’s delivery rate .

    Cartemsoft uses a stable SMTP, that for a reasonable price ensures good relationships with providers higher deliverability.
      Unsubscribe Option

    The ability to opt-out is perhaps one of the most commonly overlooked issues. Far too often, mass emails are sent out from which it is difficult (or impossible) to opt-out from.

    Aside from being illegal, it also seriously compromises deliverability. In fact, users typically react by dumping the message in the spam folder, getting rid of you forever. Thus Cartemsoft, takes immense care for the same.
    RFC 2919 and RFC 2369 Compliant

    There are acknowledged standards defined in the Request For Comments documents (RFCs) written by the lords of the internet.

    RFC 2919 and RFC 2369 define headers for mailing list actions. And in order to send perfect emails Perfectly to the inbox, following RFC Compliance is most important, which Cartemsoft has done with great ease.

    CAN Spam Compliant

    Much like privacy Laws regarding postal and privacy, sending email also has binding privacy legislation that must be followed.
      These Laws are referred to as the CAN SPAM Act.

    CAN-SPAM Law covers all commercial email messages. According to the wording of the Law, it means "any electronic mail message the primary purpose of which is the commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service." That includes email that promotes content on a commercial website, so if your website makes any money at all and your email links back to it, you are liable under CAN-SPAM Law.

    Being CAN-SPAM Law complaint isn't actually too difficult, and it's made easier with Cartemsoft, an email marketing platform that monitors your CAN-SPAM Law compliance elements where possible.
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